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We are trusted by large corporations. We also provide legal services for small and medium businesses.
There are no big and small cases for us.
You are our main client.
PROJECT SOLUTIONS - legal services for business
We are ready to help you on various issues. Below is a list of our core competencies
Corporate law
  • mergers and acquisitions
  • legal support of investment transactions
  • due diligence
  • representation in corporate cases
Tax and customs cases
  • advising on taxation, tax accounting, tax system selection
  • tax examination
  • comprehensive support of tax audits
Investment projects and state support
  • interaction with regional authorities
  • tax incentives
  • selection of land and real estate
  • legal due diligence
  • comprehensive support of bankruptcy
  • representation of creditors or debtor in every bankruptcy proceedings
  • subsidiary liability
  • contesting of deals of a bankrupt
Utility Projects
  • consulting and support on the provision of municipal services
  • legal examination of documents
  • representation of interests at all stages of construction documentation
  • legal analysis on state (municipal) programs
Construction and real estate
  • issues in the field of property and land relations and urban development
  • transaction support
  • conclusion and execution of construction contracts
  • support of projects in the field of implementation of state contracts
Our clients
We work with state resource supply companies, industrial and construction holdings, retailers, service enterprises and mass media.
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Trusted reviews from our clients

United Energy Company JSC is the largest electric grid company in Moscow, engaged in the development, operation and reconstruction of urban electric grids.
Our main mission is to provide the city with high-quality and reliable electricity. WE work in a complex and important area for the city, requiring the highest level of professionalism and we have no room for error.
We are convinced that consumers should receive quality services. Not only electricity, but also in cooperation with our partners. In the law firm "Design Solutions" we have found highly qualified specialists who are able to work with high-level projects and share responsibility with us in all areas of our activity.

Prokhorov Evgeny Sergeevich
General Director of United Energy Company JSC

It is impossible to overestimate the seriousness and scale of the tasks faced by specialists in the housing and utilities sector. Especially in the city of Moscow. We can afford to work only with the most conscientious contractors, because our area of responsibility is the ecology of the city, the health and quality of life of citizens. The Law Firm "Project Solutions" is staffed with lawyers who are well versed not only in the laws, but also in the intricacies of urban management. Their decisions are strategic, accurate and always on target.

Gasanova Fatima Rashidovna
Deputy General Director for Economics and Finance of the State Enterprise "MOSVODOSTOK"

Lawyers defend our interests consistently and painstakingly. Based on my own experience, I can say that they work at a high level. Most importantly, they are not acting as a third-party firm focused on gaining their own benefit, but as a powerful part of our team. This feature makes the Law Firm "Project Solutions" unique in its field.

Lyabikhov Roman Mikhailovich
Founder and head of the Atlant group (development holding)

We trust the specialists of "Project Solutions" to participate in solving strategic issues of the whole municipality, and this fact is more significant than any characteristics. Each question is analyzed thoroughly, there are no trifles for them. I want to especially highlight the high degree of knowledge of lawyers in specific areas of law - this raises the "Project Solutions" to the highest level.

Korshakov Alexey Fedorovich
Deputy Head of Administration "Mezensky municipality" for infrastructure development

I recommend the Law Firm "Design Solutions" to my closest partners.
This means I am 100% sure of them. This rarely happens, most often in this life we can fully rely only on ourselves. And it is a great success to work with those you trust.

Shmonov Sergey Nikolaevich
General Director of the group of companies MEGA
Our service is available for small and medium businesses
We have done everything so that even small companies can receive the highest level of legal services.

By concluding a contract with "Design Solutions" you hire a whole staff of lawyers, but pay at the rate of one specialist

You avoid the threat of hiring a specialist of average ability. Every member of our team has loud victories and a brilliant reputation

Your lawyer will not go on vacation, will not be sick, you do not need to pay insurance for him

Every case - competent decisions:
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Our advantages
We are not missing a single detail from the possible scenario of events. Our task is to reduce the risks for your business.
Years of practice

You work with lawyers who have over 20 years of experience


Your private information will not leave our office

Personal approach

The lawyer thoroughly studies the problem, analyzes all aspects of the case

Perfect service

You control the process, but not a lawyer. We are in touch 24/7


The specialist develops the most effective strategy for your business

Benefit and transparency

You don’t lose money by losing, but earn on the result

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